How we access the Web

David Beckemeyer has published an insightful comparison of how people access the web today and how it has changed in the last two years.   Check out these two graphics from David.   This is how we accessed the Web in 2010: -97% from desktop, 90% Windows, 3% mobile   This is how we accessed the […]

Games @ Work

I wanted to refresh my thinking on the Guiding Principles of Game Design @ Work from my earlier post.    The Guiding Principles for Games @ Work were focused on making it easy for collaboration leaders and business users to: 1. Define clear boundaries, shared problem(s) and a community of collaborative business users   2. […]

LoSoPhoMo and Mobile Enterprise Pure-Plays

Steve Rubel believes the next media disruptors are Mobile Pure-Plays.  I agree.   From Steve's post: "Now a new era is under way. The next wave of media disruptors are laser focused on being tailored, rather than retrofitted, for mobile devices. They start out sometimes just as apps, creating a strong beachhead in your pocket. Then […]

The “Future State” of Work – Changes & Skills for next 10 years

GigaOm has an upcoming conference Net:Work that will explore the challenges and opportunities presented by a new culture of work and key tools and technologies for collaboration. They put forward a report from Gartner that outlines 10 changes over the next 10 years that will impact how we work and collaborate in the future. It is […]

Influence and Strong Ties

Bernardo Huberman, Director of HPLabs, describes research on influence and passivity in social networks based on their analysis of Twitter.  Some key points:   – popular doesn't mean influential – average user only retweets 1 in 318 URLs – the number of people discussing important matters with another person outside of the family (think strong […]

Facebook Open Graph

  pointed out by Bernard Lunn's summary…