To jump-start growth, flip priorities

R “Ray” Wang recommends flipping company priorities to jump-start growth in his recent HBR article. The punishing forces of quarter-to-quarter performance expectations have forced business leaders to scramble for short-term profit gains at the long-term expense of the organization.  Because of those short-term bets and strategic pivots, organizations are struggling to meet ever-changing customer needs, are challenged to […]

Data from Everywhere, Personalize Anywhere

This week Facebook unveiled a new mobile ad network at its F8 conference. The purpose of the network is for Facebook to sell ads outside of and outside the Facebook mobile app. If Facebook’s direction or strategy isn’t clear, let me spell it out: Harvest personal data from multiple apps, then sell personalized advertising […]

Predictive Analytics in the Enterprise

Workday has announced that it acquired Identified, a company that offered predictive analytics human resources software, to enhance search capabilities and accelerate the delivery of predictive analytics and machine learning throughout Workday’s suite of applications. This summer, Identified pulled back the curtain on a new artificial intelligence technology, called “SYMAN,” which it developed to help […]

A “Story Platform” for digital Sales Enablement

Expect 2014 to be a big year for digital and social sales enablement. More and more brands are expected to invest in applications and cloud driven services that help customers value and connect with salespeople earlier in the buyer journey. At the same time, companies are increasingly providing their sales teams with the content and data […]

Going Digital and Back Again

From analog to digital to somewhere in between… Companies are testing how to exploit their digital assets and insights to create real-world, tangible new products. Think about how Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos talks about the Netflix transformation into a live-action studio: “The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us.” So […]