The Value of Average Influencers

Liz Gannes interviews Duncan Watts about a number of topics included in his new book "Everything is Obvious". I found his perspective on the challenges, reality and research focused on "Influencers" very interesting (about 3:17).   He suggests it is very difficult to identify the very few people that have strong influence in the network… […]

Human Behavior as the start of Social Design

Jenn Webb interviewed Paul Adams in prep for Web 2.0 Expo scheduled for later this month.   The interview is well worth a read. You should also keep an eye out for Paul's forth coming book titled "Social Circles" (I've already pre-ordered).    One of many interesting quotes from Paul's interview includes:  "Our (mobile) phone, or whatever we carry […]

Strong Tie Friends vs. Weak Tie Followers

We have another request to unlock the value of our strong ties currently buried in today's social network applications that are optimized for weak ties: "Facebook needs to adopt a friend/follower system. What I mean by this is that there needs to be a two-tier system for Facebook. On one level, you have the things you share […]