To jump-start growth, flip priorities

R “Ray” Wang recommends flipping company priorities to jump-start growth in his recent HBR article. The punishing forces of quarter-to-quarter performance expectations have forced business leaders to scramble for short-term profit gains at the long-term expense of the organization.  Because of those short-term bets and strategic pivots, organizations are struggling to meet ever-changing customer needs, are challenged to […]

Rethinking Knowledge Work

In HBR, Roger Martin outlines a new model for managing the expensive resource of “knowledge workers”. He recommends: – Move from “Job” to “Project” to move skills easily and efficiently – Code-ify learnings from “Projects” so an algorithm can be applied next time “Companies everywhere struggle with the management of knowledge workers. They compete fiercely […]

Cupcake Model of Product Strategy

Is your product strategy a "Cake" or "Cupcake"?   From Brandon Shauer at Adaptive Path –  

The Strategy and The Story

Ben Horowitz provides the basic framework he uses to evaluate CEOs at Andreessen Horowitz.   The framework asks 3 questions: 1. Does the CEO know what to do?2. Can the CEO get the company to do what she knows?3. Did the CEO achieve the desired results against an appropriate set of objectives? Central to knowing […]

The Future of Advantage is Allocative and Creative

I really like Umair Haque's HBR post on The New Paradigm of Advantage because it provides a framework for thinking about the new sources of strategic advantage for a product, a business unit or a company.    From his post: "Over the last few months, I've discussed in depth the tectonic shifts rocking the macro and […]