Professor Dunbar talks about the Social Brain

  As part of the University of Oxford lecture series, Professor Robin Dunbar discusses the social brain, Dunbar's Number of ~150 and research on social interactions.   Some interesting points: – brain size related to complexity of social system – Rings of Relationships grow by 3x the previous ring – We have 5 true friends […]

Strong Tie Friends vs. Weak Tie Followers

We have another request to unlock the value of our strong ties currently buried in today's social network applications that are optimized for weak ties: "Facebook needs to adopt a friend/follower system. What I mean by this is that there needs to be a two-tier system for Facebook. On one level, you have the things you share […]

Twitter’s “Fast Follow” Feature

From Mashable's Adam Ostrow, we get an overview of Twitter's new "fast follow" feature. It is an interesting way of (1) bridging to passive users, (2) enabling advertisers and (3) following temporary ties: "Twitter has introduced a new feature called “Fast Follow” that makes it easy to follow anyone via SMS, even if you don’t […]

Strong Ties of our Social Core

I've been working through some key elements of an emerging opportunity in what I've been calling our "Social Core".   What do I mean by our Social Core?      I define our social core as the vital few, strong social ties we have with family, friends and colleagues in our life.  They are the trusted core […]